Norani Baby Star swaddle wrap
Norani Baby Star swaddle wrap
baby swaddled in norani baby snugababe swaddle in stars print showing arm insertsNorani Baby Star swaddle wrap
norani baby snugababe swaddle reviewNorani Baby Star swaddle wrap

Stars Snugababe Swaddle™ Wrap

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  •   *** FINAL SALE *** You've heard this 1,000 times since you gave birth– if you don't swaddle, your baby won't sleep. Well, it turns out it's true! But gone are the days when you must commit half your day to become a swaddle master. We got a Ph.D. in Swaddling, so you don't have to (just kidding, but that would be a cool degree). 

  • Our unique arm inserts and velcro fasteners mean your baby will stay safely swaddled and asleep longer. True story: when we showed our pediatrician the Snugababe Swaddle for the first time, her response was, "wow, that's genius!" Find out what all the buzz is about and why we were named the Mom's Choice Award winner.


Customer Reviews

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Kory Gardner
Not worth the hype

Purchased because my baby hated swaddles and kept getting his arms free. Tried these with the arm insert and he could still breakout. The swaddle seemed to ride up and would come up to his neck. Maybe better for bigger kids Vs newborn


Love this!

Jon Carmody

We bought several onesies and easy swaddles and our newborn Oliver absolutely loves them as does his dads!! Both fit him so well and once we have swaddled him in any of the several swaddles from Norani he instantly relaxes and falls asleep! We plan on buying him more Norani clothes in the very near future!! Thank You!!

Lia Ckarke

Terrible. shrinks terrinly

Arietys Fernandez
Excellent 🩷

We really love the snugababe!. We haven't use it yet. But we are in love. We can't wait to see our baby with it. Thanks you so much!