10 Things You Don't Need to Buy for Your Baby

10 Things You Don't Need to Buy for Your Baby

Babies come with a lot of things. And we mean A LOT OF STUFF! Before you know it, the entire house has been overtaken by a tiny little 8 pounder. You find yourself wondering what it was like in there before this tiny little creature took over and you’ll realize in that moment that you have way too much crap. 

Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help. Here are 10 things you absolutely don’t need for your baby that are a waste of money and take up necessary space: 

Diaper Warmer:  

You don’t need it. Don’t even add it to your registry. Your baby will grow and survive without wipes that are perfectly warmed to touch their butt. Reminder-you’re wiping poop with it. Another point -- if you get them  used to warm wipes all the time, they’ll scream bloody murder the moment you use a cold one when you’re out and about. Think about that!

Special Detergent that smells like a baby:

You don’t need it, in fact, research shows that over fragrant detergent can be harmful to your baby. Your detergent should be free of dyes and perfumes. 


This one is hit or miss. If you plan on having your baby sleep in their crib, there’s no need for a bassinet. Most parents who buy one usually only use it for a few weeks, and trust us when we tell you, they’re expensive and only good for a very limited time. Skip it. 


One scary acronym: SIDS! Your baby doesn’t need any bedding in their crib, in fact, it can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), so please pass on the expensive bumpers, pillows and stuffed animals. Crib should just have a baby mattress with a fitted sheet cover and that’s it. 

Baby food processor:

You don’t need it. If you want to make your own baby food, you can use the perfectly functional food processor you currently use for adult food. You don’t need a special baby one. 

Baby shoes:

“But they’re sooooo cute!” Yes, they are. But you don’t need it. Your baby is going to live in onesies and footies for 6 months, you don’t need baby shoes. 

Baby towels:

Here’s another cute item that your baby will outgrow in 1 month-- baby towels. Why are they so small? You’ll notice the adorable baby towel you bought doesn’t quite cover your baby anymore around the 3 month mark. Skip it. Use your regular adult towels and they’ll feel ever more cozy in it. 

Tons of newborn diapers:

Babies grow very very quickly. Make sure you only buy a limited amount of newborn diapers because before you know it, you’re little one will be a size 1 and you’ll already start feeling nostalgic for when they were a newborn. 

An expensive infant bath tube:

You don’t need it. Buy a simple, inexpensive one because like we mentioned several times already- your baby will outgrow it before you know it. 

Expensive baby lotions and oils:

Most of them have dyes and other ingredients you shouldn’t be putting on your baby. Go with the tried and true Aquaphor for the after bath lathering moments. 


Here's a BABY SHOWER REGISTRY LIST we've created being moms of 2 kids each. 

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