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Nora and Ani are two best friends, who after years of trying to conceive through countless fertility treatments finally became moms and created a swaddle that helps babies sleep longer and better. It’s so effective, it’s doctor and nurse recommended!

Our Story

Thanks so much for checking out our baby brand. We’re two best friends who after years of trying to conceive, along with countless fertility treatments, finally became mothers and were instantly fascinated by the world of babies. You could be a rocket scientist and the second you have a baby it feels like you never knew anything about the world, right? That’s sort of what happened with us (minus the rocket scientist part), we became moms and realized that parents are forced to function with such little sleep it’s fascinating. Babies don’t come with owner manuals so it’s hard to figure out why they’re basically allergic to good naps. But we finally figured it out--they sleep SOOOO much better when they’re properly swaddled. Ok so here’s the plan — buy swaddle. Check. Swaddle baby. Check. Keep baby swaddled during their entire nap? Um...that didn’t go as planned.

That’s when we realized there was something missing in the baby universe — a swaddle that was easy to use, highly functional, and actually worked at keeping a child safe, secure and asleep. So, we set out to design a swaddle that all parents could use and, of course, babies would love.

Shortly after Ani had her son Sebastian, she quickly discovered he was a tiny baby magician who could escape from his swaddle in an instant, so she had to learn to master the perfect swaddle quickly if she was going to get any sleep herself.

And when Nora brought home her daughter Ayah, she realized that swaddling her itty, bitty bundle of joy turned out to be almost as hard as conceiving itself — which was the exact moment norani was born.

Nora struggled with swaddling her daughter properly based on what she remembered from the hospital and random videos online, which resulted in a restless baby and sleepless nights for mama. She spent tons of money on fancy swaddles, but her daughter never felt cozy enough to stay asleep and always looked SO uncomfortable. When Nora would become frustrated with swaddling, Ani would often go over and swaddle her daughter before bed; but you can’t ask your best friend to come over every single night for a swaddle party, right? (Or can you?) One constant problem with a traditional swaddle was that the baby would quickly break free and unwrap the entire swaddle. Either that, or their little hands would sneak out. (And seriously, what do you do with that extra long piece that’s always…extra?)

We finally had an “a-ha!” moment during one of Ani’s many trips to Nora’s house and decided to design a swaddle that’s easy to use, cozy for the baby, and ACTUALLY WORKS!

Throughout the design process, we took our swaddle to our pediatricians and ask for advice and guidance, and every time a friend had a new baby, we would rush over and swaddle our friend’s newborns — eventually perfecting our now patent-pending Snugababe Swaddle™.

So, what makes the norani swaddle different?

It’s a modern take on the traditional swaddle blanket. Baby’s arms are inserted into specially-designed armholes and swaddled, and a Velcro attachment helps keep them tightly wrapped, while making it difficult to undo themselves. The tight, cozy wrap reminds them of the comfort they felt when they were inside their mother’s womb, which, in turn, helps them sleep longer. Our innovative, patent-pending design is so effective, it’s doctor recommended! The snugababe swaddle will keep your baby cozy, comfortable and safe all night long, all while taking out the guesswork of how to swaddle correctly every time. And yes, that means even in the middle of the night when you’re bleary-eyed, exhausted, and need to put yourself down for a nap.

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If we look familiar, you may have come across our YouTube channel and/or our Instagram pages, @modamobOfficial and @noranibaby, where we often discuss our incredibly difficult journey to motherhood, as well as our product recommendations and tips.

The two of us started norani with one mission in mind: to help other mamas. We created a swaddle that functions just as good as a traditional wrap, but keeps your baby swaddled without the worry of them being able to break free. We want to help your baby sleep better, so you can sleep better. We want to offer an alternative to traditional swaddles that is both easy to use and super effective. But most importantly, we want you to be happy, mama. Because if mama is happy, baby is happy.

Quick life update: we’re both moms of two now (woo!), which means we have our own in-house test audience for new and upcoming products, so make sure to check back with us for some fun new products coming soon!


Nora and Ani