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5 Must-Have Stroller Accessories

You love your stroller, but it’s not perfect. We’re in the same boat! We’re always thinking of little add-ons that could improve it, things that could make outtings easier, or items than could provide more convenience. Check out some of our favorite stroller accessories that’ll make life on the go much, much easier!

Skip Hop Stroller Saddle Bag

Skip Hop Stroller Saddle Bag:  The Uppababy Glux Stroller is one of our favorites, but there’s basically no storage room. We’re always envious of moms with strollers that have so much storage room underneath, you can pack half your nursery and still have room. We found the Skip Hop Stroller Storage Bag really helps add more storage space. Plus, it’s insulated, so it’ll keep bottles warm or water cold. It’s also really slick and super affordable. Buy it on Amazon for $25.

Stroller Fan

Stroller Fan: It’s consistently 90+ degrees in LA for more months out of the year than we care to say. Asking a toddler to sit in a stroller on a hot day is torture for the kiddos, so we like attaching a little portable stroller fan to help keep our kids cool. Buy it on Amazon for $9.99.

AMZNEVO Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organizer: Add this little organizer to the handles of your stroller and you'll have just enough room for keys, toys, bottles, wallets and all your accessories. There are a lot of options with different brands, but this AMZNEVO brand is a bestseller on Amazon! Buy it on Amazon for $19.

Stroller Hooks

Stroller Hooks: These are simple, yet genius add-ons for your stroller. If you have a wraparound handle stroller, these are super convenient because you can strap your tote diaper bag to the handle. You can even use them for your reusable shopping bags when you’re out and about. Just be careful not to overload it with heavy bags so the stroller doesn’t tip over. Buy it on Amazon for $9.

Stroller Toy Straps

Toy Straps: Kids love to toss pacifiers and toys out of the stroller. Strap those puppies to the stroller before they end up on the street with this super convenient strap! They come in a 2-pack and have snaps, so they’re all adjustable and can even be snapped together for a longer strap. Brilliant! Buy it on Amazon for $4.




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What Makes the Snugababe Sleep Pod Different?

The Norani Baby Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod features unique arm inserts, a silent velcro and a zipper for easy nighttime diaper changes. Our pods are made from 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex, providing soft breathable fabric with a hint of stretch to make swaddling a breeze. The clever zipper design enables easy diaper changes without disturbing your sleeping baby, promoting longer and more restful sleep for both baby and parents. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Norani Baby Snugababe Sleep Pod is a must-have for parents seeking a comfortable and secure sleep environment for their little ones.

Why is Swaddling So Important?

Swaddling is super important because it makes babies feel safe and cozy, just like they were in mommy's tummy. It helps them sleep better by preventing startle reflex and keeps them warm without overheating. Swaddling is like giving them a gentle hug that calms and comforts them. But remember, make sure to swaddle correctly, leaving room for their little legs and hips to move freely.

Sleep Experts Love Us!

We are so excited that Cara Dumaplin from Taking Cara Babies, an expert sleep trainer, has recommended our Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod to new parents looking to promote healthy sleep patterns in their infants. Sleep trainers are experts in the field of infant sleep and can offer valuable advice and guidance to parents struggling with sleep issues. They can also recommend products, like our swaddles, that have been proven to be effective at helping babies sleep more soundly, especially if you have a notorious baby Houdini.