Baby Diaper Bag

Best Baby Diaper Bag Organizing Tips

6 Tips That Will Help You Get Your Diaper Bag As Organized As Humanly Possible



Fact: Babies come with a lot of stuff. You’ll need diapers, wipes, creams, bibs, changing pads — and that’s just the tip of the ole baby iceberg. It’s easy to get carried away with your diaper bag, but remember that keeping it minimal with just the essentials will help keep things more organized.

Check out these 6 tips for getting your most organized diaper bag ever — you can thank us later! 

  1. Get a diaper bag that has a lot of compartments: It’s easy to organize things when everything has its own place! We love this one from Luli Bebe.
  2. Get a diaper bag organizer: Organizers are LIFE-CHANGING!  We love this one from Tote Savvy.
  3. Keep a “wet bag” in your diaper bag: This will really come in handy for bibs that have spit up on them or soiled clothes. Plus, it’ll keep the dirty items away from all the clean, ready-to-use one items in your bag.
  4. Keep a few small, clear bags in your bag: You can use one clear bag for diaper ointments, creams, gauzes, etc. and use another for your personal essentials. Since the bags are clear, it’s easy to see exactly what’s inside.
  5. Load up on sample sizes: When possible, get sample sizes of items — baby lotion and sunscreen are great examples. Pro tip: Check out the travel sections at stores like Target, CVS, or Walgreens, which are sure to have perfect, pint-sized items for your diaper bag!
  6. Make use of your car: Try to store extra items in your car instead of your diaper bag. When my son was an infant, I would keep an extra set of clothes in the car in case of a big blowout or accident. It freed up much-needed space in my diaper bag, but was still easily accessible in my car.