Baby Gift Basket Ideas Mama-To-Be Will Appreciate

Baby Gift Basket Ideas Mama-To-Be Will Appreciate

Whether you’re heading to a baby shower or you’re going to see your bestie’s newborn baby, you definitely want to bring her a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things that you can put in a basket for the mama-to-be and/or new mom in your life that will surely be THE basket of all baskets.

WubbaNub Lamb Pacifier

1)   @WubbaNub Lamb Infant Pacifier: This is possibly one of the best gifts you can put in a basket. Not only is it super cute, but it comes in so many different types animals that you’ll have absolutely no problem matching it to any nursery theme. 

Buy it for $13.99.

Elegant Baby Elephant Bath Towel

2)   @ElegantBaby Elephant Bath Wrap Towel in Grey: Going off of the soothie, these animal-themed bath towels are a must-have! Baby will look SO cute when they are wrapped in this adorable bath towel. 

Buy it for $24.99.

Vtech Toys Monkey Sound Machine

3)   @VTechtoys Myla the Monkey Portable Safe & Sound Storytelling Soother with Night Light- White noise machine is going to be a must for the new mom! Not only does it soothe the baby because it reminds them of the babies womb, but it also flushes out any outdoor noise in the house.

Buy it for $24.99.

Burt's Bees Baby Onesie

4)   @BurtsBeesbaby Organic Cotton Zip Front Footed Pajamas: These PJs are a MUST for a newborn baby because these onesies have footies to keep their little toes warm and no-scratch mittens to avoid marks on the little ones sensitive face. Most importantly, these onesies have a zipper, which is exactly what you need when you are changing them in the middle of the night! Who wants to try to align snaps when they can barely keep their eyes open?

Buy it for $10.00.

Noodle & Boo Gift Set

5)  @noodleandboollc Starter Gift Set: Baby needs shampoo and bodywash, right? Rhetorical question. Of course they do! This Noodle & Boo set is perfect because it comes with shampoo, body wash and super soft lotion. Not only do these products smell absolutely amazing, but they are made with natural and gentle ingredients, too.

Buy it for $38.00.

Norani Baby Snugababe Swaddle

6)  @Noranibaby Snugababe Swaddle: The best gift you can buy a new mom is the gift of sleep (obviously) and the norani swaddle will definitely help baby sleep —completely uninterrupted — for hours at a time. The norani swaddle is an elevated take on the classic swaddle, but has arm inserts to make sure baby’s hands don’t escape and wake them up. It also has a velcro clasp that will keep baby cozy and remind them of their mama’s womb. 

Buy it for $31.99

Pampers Pure Diapers

7)  @PampersPure Protection Diapers Mega Pack in Newborn Size: Filling a gift basket base with diapers is one of the best things you do for a new mom or mama-to-be. We all know diapers are expensive and giving new parents a box of Pampers Pure will be much appreciated. 

Buy a 32 count for $11.99.

Jellycat Dog Board Book

8)  @jellycat_official Board Book If I Were a Puppy: No basket is complete without a book, and this touch-and-feel book is perfect! It’s available in several different animal themes. (Can you tell we’re a sucker for animal-themed baby items?)

Buy it for $12.50.

Jellycat Dog Lovey

9)  @jellycat_official Bashful Black and Cream Puppy Soother: Every baby needs a lovey! Partly because they usually grow very attached to it and it’s super adorable when they don’t go anywhere without it! The best part about the Jellycat lovey is that you can buy the matching book, as previously mentioned.

Buy it for $20.00.

Baby Einstein Star Toy

10)  @BabyEinstein Star Bright Symphony Toy: How can you put a baby basket together without throwing a toy in there? This Baby Einstein toy is perfect because the bright red light won’t mess with baby’s sleep schedule. A dream for both baby and mom, don’t you think?

Buy it for $12.29.

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What Makes the Snugababe Sleep Pod Different?

The Norani Baby Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod features unique arm inserts, a silent velcro and a zipper for easy nighttime diaper changes. Our pods are made from 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex, providing soft breathable fabric with a hint of stretch to make swaddling a breeze. The clever zipper design enables easy diaper changes without disturbing your sleeping baby, promoting longer and more restful sleep for both baby and parents. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Norani Baby Snugababe Sleep Pod is a must-have for parents seeking a comfortable and secure sleep environment for their little ones.

Why is Swaddling So Important?

Swaddling is super important because it makes babies feel safe and cozy, just like they were in mommy's tummy. It helps them sleep better by preventing startle reflex and keeps them warm without overheating. Swaddling is like giving them a gentle hug that calms and comforts them. But remember, make sure to swaddle correctly, leaving room for their little legs and hips to move freely.

Sleep Experts Love Us!

We are so excited that Cara Dumaplin from Taking Cara Babies, an expert sleep trainer, has recommended our Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod to new parents looking to promote healthy sleep patterns in their infants. Sleep trainers are experts in the field of infant sleep and can offer valuable advice and guidance to parents struggling with sleep issues. They can also recommend products, like our swaddles, that have been proven to be effective at helping babies sleep more soundly, especially if you have a notorious baby Houdini.