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Baby Registry Checklist - Must Haves!

You’re pregnant, yay! Now, it’s time to load up on ALL the baby gear you’re gonna need for your little bundle of joy. Starting a baby registry can be really overwhelming if you’re a new mom, so here are some of the most popular registry items (and our favorites too!)


  1. Dockatot: The Dockatot is absolutely worth the hype! Your baby will take amazing naps in it. I used one instead of a bassinet when I was in the living room; I would put my son in his dockatot and he would sleep SO peacefully in it. 


  1. Car Seat: So. Many. Options! But, you absolutely NEED a car seat and won’t be able to leave the hospital without one, so here [link] is a guide to all the different types of car seats available, so you can decide which one is best for your family. 


  1. Stroller: Same situation as the car seat — there are so many options. Check out our stroller guide here [link] for the best options for your family.


  1. Baby Bath Tub And Accessories: You’re going to be bathing your baby every night, so make sure you have the right tub for your little bundle of joy and some fun accessories that will make bath time enjoyable for everyone involved!


  1. Baby Bouncer: Bouncy babyyy! My son loved his little bouncer. I got one with all the bells and whistles, and he couldn’t get enough of all the melodies and lights that came along with his bouncing adventure. 


  1. Baby First Aid Kit: I’ll admit that I still haven’t used the baby first aid kit I got before my son was born (he’s now 2.5), but that’s a good thing! You don’t ever WANT to use it, but it’s important to have in case of an emergency. 


  1. Baby Nail Clippers: Baby’s nails grow so fast, it’s actually a little creepy. You can clip them on Monday and by Wednesday they’re like baby Wolverine again. Clippers can be a scary tool as a new mom, so I would personally recommend the Frieda nail clippers because you can see their nails through a little opening, which makes it easier to trim them without the risk of hurting your baby.


  1. Crib Sheets And Mattress Protectors: Register for at least 3 sets of sheets and a protective layer that will go in between each layer. Why so many layers, though? Because accidents happen! You’ll save yourself the pain of having to change sheets in the middle of the night by layering alternate fitted sheets with waterproof mattress covers, so when life’s accidents happen, you can take a layer off quickly and put your kiddos back to sleep even faster.


  1. Baby Carrier: There are two types of carriers: the wrap ones (which my son loved) and the sturdy ones like the baby bjorn (which Ayah loved). The wrap carriers are a fraction of the price, but it really does come down to preference. 


  1. Blankets And Onesies: Register for a few simple swaddle blankets, one thicker stroller blanket, and at the very least, 5-7 onesies. I would personally recommend zippered onesies, because having to align 10 snaps while changing your baby in the dark is a nightmare. 


  1. Swaddles: The only swaddle you’ll need is the snugababe swaddle, duh! :)


  1. Sleep Sack: Once your baby outgrows the swaddle phase, you can transition them into a sleep sack. It’s a good alternative to having a blanket in the crib, which you shouldn’t do until they’re at least 12 months old.


  1. Play Gym: Tummy time is really important, and it starts as soon as their little dried up belly button falls off. Tummy time helps them build up their neck muscles, which will be important for when it’s time to start getting them into a high chair. Play gyms are soft, fun mats you put on the ground that have tons of sensory items, which will make them want to lift their heads up and play.


  1. High Chair: I’m not going to lie, I bought and returned 4 high chairs before I found the right one. My favorite high chair is the 4moms one because it’s easy to clean, has a great design, and the tray table is the perfect size!


  1. Diaper Pail: Fact: Poopy diapers smell. Fact #2: You don’t want smelly diapers in your baby’s nursery. Diaper pails are a great way to seal out the scent of a soiled diaper. 


  1. Baby Bottles: There are so many different types of baby bottles and brands, it’s really a personal matter which one to go with. I used the Dr. Brown’s bottles with my son. They’re known for reducing colic, spit-up, burping, and gas; plus, they worked great for us!


  1. Formula Maker And/Or Breast Pump: Make sure to register for either a breast pump if you plan on breastfeeding, or a formula maker if you don’t. They’ll both be lifesavers! Most insurance companies cover breast pumps, so call your insurance company before investing in one yourself.


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What Makes the Snugababe Sleep Pod Different?

The Norani Baby Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod features unique arm inserts, a silent velcro and a zipper for easy nighttime diaper changes. Our pods are made from 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex, providing soft breathable fabric with a hint of stretch to make swaddling a breeze. The clever zipper design enables easy diaper changes without disturbing your sleeping baby, promoting longer and more restful sleep for both baby and parents. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Norani Baby Snugababe Sleep Pod is a must-have for parents seeking a comfortable and secure sleep environment for their little ones.

Why is Swaddling So Important?

Swaddling is super important because it makes babies feel safe and cozy, just like they were in mommy's tummy. It helps them sleep better by preventing startle reflex and keeps them warm without overheating. Swaddling is like giving them a gentle hug that calms and comforts them. But remember, make sure to swaddle correctly, leaving room for their little legs and hips to move freely.

Sleep Experts Love Us!

We are so excited that Cara Dumaplin from Taking Cara Babies, an expert sleep trainer, has recommended our Snugababe Swaddle Sleep Pod to new parents looking to promote healthy sleep patterns in their infants. Sleep trainers are experts in the field of infant sleep and can offer valuable advice and guidance to parents struggling with sleep issues. They can also recommend products, like our swaddles, that have been proven to be effective at helping babies sleep more soundly, especially if you have a notorious baby Houdini.