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Baby Registry Mistakes Every Mom Should Avoid Making

There are a million checklists out there telling you what you SHOULD register for when expecting a baby, but none that tell you what to avoid! We’re going to breakdown some of the items we think you should avoid while creating your baby registry, so you can get the most of out it.

  1. Cute Baby Clothes: Yes, we all get excited when we hear the amazing news that we are expecting — and  when creating our baby registry, we are tempted to register for adorable baby clothes. As hard as it is, don’t do it! Your newborn will be in cozy onesies 90% of the time, so why waste money on cute clothes that they’ll just grow out of in a few weeks anyway? Besides, when people come to visit the baby for the first time, chances are they will be bringing the baby some cute clothes. If you wanna register for any clothes, it should be tons and tons of onesies. Register for practical zip up versions, as they’re the easiest to use, and make sure you get a ton of different sizes! Start with a couple of newborns and go up until 12 months.
  2. Diapers: We’re not telling you to not register for diapers, but a lot of registry checklists have diapers in general, so people just assume you want newborn size — then, you’re stuck with hundreds newborn diapers that your baby outgrows in a month. We’re here to tell you to make sure you register for different sized diapers, so you get the most out of your registry and you’re not heading to Target every month to buy a new size!
  3. Diaper Bag: Make sure you go to the store and test out the diaper bag you want, because a lot of times, the one that looks the cutest isn’t really the most practical. Remember, the diaper bag/backpack is also going to replace your own bag the first couple of years of your baby’s life, so make sure you get one that’s comfortable, practical, and stylish!
  4. Crib Sheets and Changing Pad Cover: Often times, people just register for one crib sheet and one changing pad cover because they assume they will just wash them weekly. What they’re forgetting is how many times a baby poops and spits up PER DAY. Make sure you register for at least 2 sets of each; that way, you aren’t doing laundry every time there’s poop on the changing pad cover. And trust us, that happens a lot!
  5. Baby Wipe Warmer: We get it — you want to do everything you can to keep your baby comfy and cozy. However, you shouldn’t add unnecessary things to your registry when there are more practical things you can get. Baby wipe warmers are a complete waste of money because you’re not going to carry around the wipe warmer everywhere you go. It’s best to get your baby used to the normal temperature of the baby wipe so they aren’t constantly shocked going from hot to cold wipes.
  6. Breast Pump: If you have health insurance, chances are they will provide you with a new, free pump. Just make sure to call your insurance provider and ask them before you register for one!
  7. One Type of Bottle: A lot of times, you have to try a few bottles before you realize which one your baby likes the most. Make sure you register for a few different ones so you can’t test them out before sticking to one brand. And remember, just because one bottle works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another.
  8. Big Ticket Items: You might feel reluctant to register for a stroller or a car seat because you might think it’s too much for people to spend on you.  What you might not realize is that more than one person might get together and buy you that one big ticket item — versus buying you a bunch of little things — because they know how important a stroller and a car seat are for a new mom. Don’t hesitate to add a few big ticket items to your registry; if anything, it’ll act as an item on your checklist of things you need to buy before your baby arrives.
  9. Don’t Forget The Gift Cards: We often try to find items to register for and neglect the option of asking for gift cards. After your baby is born, you are going to think of SO many things you need, and if you have gift cards on hand, you are going to save yourself tons of money for last minute things you didn’t think of before!
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