Back to School Essentials--Here's Everything You Need

Back to School Essentials--Here's Everything You Need

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already time to start shopping for back to school. After over a year of zooms, distant learning, and shutdowns, it’s finally time for our little ones to go back to school and have normal kid lives, which means they need to ditch the PJ’s and get in some real clothes, get a backpack and all the back to school essentials. 

Whether your child is starting preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten here is a helpful list curated by us, two moms :)

Nap Sack: 

If your child is starting preschool and will be attending full time, they’ll need a nap sack. This is a small sleeping bag that has a built-in pillow and blanket. There are a lot of companies that make great nap sacks, but our personal favorites are the ones that also have a small pocket to store a comfort toy or stuffed animal. They’re easy to wash, roll up nicely, and are easy to carry. 

Comfortable Shoes: 

Save those trendy Golden Goose’s for the weekend. Your kids are going to get whatever shoes you send them to school dirty, and if they don’t know how to tie their laces, that’s going to be an issue as well. Send them to school in shoes that have a velcro fastener or are slip ones. Nike, APL and Natives are great options. 


Is there anything cuter than kids in little animal backpacks? We love the Skip Hop Zoo collection for backpacks, and now they come in 3 different sizes. The backpacks start at $19.99 so they’re also affordable, in addition to being durable. 

Lunch Box & Water Bottle: 

A friend recently asked me what the “cool lunchbox” is now and it made me laugh knowing we have trendy lunch boxes now for kids. Post-covid most schools are requiring you to pack your child’s lunch and maybe even snacks so make sure to get one that can hold an entire day’s worth of food and snacks. The ones with compartments are great! Also, make sure to get a water bottle that is spill proof. We’ve linked a few below. 

Backup Clothes or Hoodie: 

Some kids will get their own cubbies in school, so if you have the option, it’s always helpful to buy a zip-up hoodie they can leave at school for chilly days. Most pre-schools will ask for a backup set of clothes in case of accidents, which will include underwear (if they’re potty trained), a fresh top, and pants. 

Personal Arts & Crafts: 

Some schools will require you to purchase markers, crayons, scissors, and pencil pouches for your child to limit sharing/spreading germs. There are so many cute options for this. We’ve linked a few below!


The CDC recommends that all kids going to school in person in the Fall wear masks, so stock up on some cute ones your kids won’t mind wearing. 


The brand of sunscreen you use on your child has become such a personal preference in the last few years. So if you’re picky about what goes on your child, buy an extra bottle of sunscreen and provide it to the school so they can help your child reapply mid-day--especially on those hot days. 


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