Best Holiday Toys for Toddler Boys - Gift Guide

Best Holiday Toys for Toddler Boys - Gift Guide

A Gift Guide For The Toddler Boy

Sweaters, school clothes, shoes? Sure, those are all great and all, but let’s face it, kids want toys for the holidays. And if your toddler is anything like my son, Sebastian, he’s all about cars, trains and make believe. Here is our list of some of the best holiday gifts for boys aged 2-4. 

Plasma Car

For the Car Lover: 

Cars will forever be my son’s favorite toy. You simply can’t go wrong with buying toddlers cars, it’s hours of entertainment. And you know what’s even better than playing with a car, RIDING a car! This plasmaCar is a huge hit on amazon with thousands of great reviews. Best part is it doesn’t require any batteries, gears or pedals. The car costs $89, but the look on their face will be priceless. 

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Brio train set

For the Train Lover: 

My son is OBSESSED with his Brio train set. I’ve never seen him as dedicated to a toy as he to this train set. He got his first set for his 3rd birthday and he spent two uninterrupted hours playing with it. Uninterrupted! That was a first. He loved it so much, family members bought additional sets and now half the living room is his train set. But hey, it makes him soooo happy, so it’s totally worth it. Only downside? The price. 

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Basketball Set For Toddlers

For the Sports Lover: 

If your little one is into sports, this Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is the perfect gift. It’s adjustable so it can grow with them, includes an oversized rim, and it helps with social skills, motor skills and coordination. And you certainly can’t beat the price at under $35. Buy now on Amazon. 

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Kids Kitchen Set

For the Chef in Training: 

This play kitchen by Melissa & Doug is perfect for kids with big imaginations. My son has a similar kitchen and he loves when “mommy comes to [his] kitchen” so he can cook for me. The only downside to a play kitchen is that it can take up quite a bit of space and it’ll set you back about $180, but it’s definitely a hit with all toddlers. Buy this version on amazon. 

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Toy Bright Activity Cube

For the Pre-Schooler: 

This discovery cube is great for any pre-schooler. It can help keep them entertained for a solid 5 mins. Just kidding. It actually a great gift for any child over the age of 1. It has rounded corners, which makes it safe for most toddlers, and has an activity to keep them busy on every side. This activity set will cost you $58, but it’s one of those great toys that can be passed down to siblings. 

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PAW Patrol Lookout Tower Toy

For the Paw Patrol fan: 

Okay, so this is a really specific category, but I’ve yet to meet a toddler who ISN’T obsessed with Paw Patrol. My son wants Santa to bring him this specific paw patrol tower, which includes character toys, die-cast cars, and transforming cars. This oversized tower will set you back about $69, but you’ll definitely get brownie points from your toddler. Buy it on amazon here. 

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