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Best Kid's Face Masks for Back to School

Going back to a physical school can be a little daunting for parents right now. There’s so much uncertainty in the world with Covid-19 and there are so many new rules and regulations when it comes to face masks.

The CDC recommends that everyone 2 years and older wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth in public settings when around people not living in your household, particularly where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. That means if your child is going back to school for preschool or pre-k, they should be wearing a mask at school.

My son Sebastian is in pre-k and the school requires face masks for all students, but finding a mask that can fit a 3 year old properly has been a big task. I ordered about 15 masks online, and some were an absolute waste of money. Here are my top 5 children’s mask recommendations: 

vista print kids face mask

Vista Print: 

Yes, the same service that provides flyers for your business makes masks, and they’re the best kid’s mask I’ve purchased. The fitted mask is easily adjustable behind their little ears and covers their nose and chin perfectly. Bonus: it comes in a ton of cute prints. I loved their mask so much, I purchased one for myself and 3 more for my son so I can wash them (I toss them in the washing machine on cold) and he’ll have fresh ones during the week. Note: you can also purchase filters for an additional cost. 

Vista Print: $13 

cub coats face mask

Cub Coats: 

I purchased a few of these adorable cub coats masks, mostly because, well, they’re adorable! The quality of the masks are great, but it didn’t fit my 3.5 year old. They would be better suited for kids 5 years +. 

Cub Coats: $12.99 for 2. 

old navy kids face mask

Old Navy Kid’s Masks: 

Old Navy has some really great masks for kids, and by far, they have the best prices. You can get a 3-pack of really cute masks your kids will actually want to wear for $9.50, and they even come with a laundry bag. The only issue with their masks are that the straps are not adjustable, so again, just like cub coats, I would only recommend it for children 5 years +

Old Navy: $9.50 for 3

disposable kids face mask

Dr. Talbot's Disposable Kid’s Face:

If you’re looking for a set of disposable face masks, the Dr. Talbot’s ones from amazon are a great buy. They come in a variety of colors and prints and you can get 10 masks for $9.99. The product has over 2K positive reviews on amazon, and is great for kids age 4 +

Disposable Face Masks: $9.99

crayola kids face mask

Crayola Face Masks: 

If your little one is uncomfortable wearing a mask, you can try to convince them into it with these cute ones from crayola. They’ll instantly recognize the crayola crayon brand, which could help them be more open about trying it out. You can get 5 of them for $29.99, which means a new mask color for every day of the week. 

Crayola Masks: $29.99 for 5

NOTE: Masks should NOT be put on babies or children younger than 2 because of the danger of suffocation. 

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