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Best Toys For 1-Year Old Toddler

7 Great Toys Your 1-Year-Old Toddler Absolutely Needs In Their Playroom 

Congratulations, your infant is officially a toddler! Buckle up for a fun and wild ride, though, because toddlers are fun little creatures with a ton of personality and imagination. So naturally, they need the right toys to help them blossom, grow, and learn! Here are some of our favorite toddler toys for one-year-olds.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

  1. Ride-on Car: Beep, beep! Get those legs moving with a fun ride-on car. Click here for link. 

Peppa Pig 5 Minute Stories

  1. Musical/Pop Up Book: Get your kids excited about both music and books — all with just one toy! Musical books and pop up books are a great way to fast track your child’s development with language and pre-reading. There are a ton of options for these kinds of books, so take your pick and have fun! Here's a link to a ton of them from Amazon.

Shape Sorter For Kids

  1. Shape Sorter: Shape sorters help children hone their motor skills. Sorting shapes to go into slots helps them understand cause and effect, as well as object permanence. It will eventually help them when they’re learning to write, too! Here's a link to a good one. 

Building Blocks

  1. Building Blocks: There are a lot of different types of blocks — regular, sensory, oversized, etc. — and they’re all pretty great for little builders. Building blocks are helpful for tactile development and can grow with your toddlers. Building blocks also teach them the importance of movement, sight, touch, and balance. Here's a link to the building blocks we liked and used with our kids.

Toddler Puzzle

  1. Large Puzzles: Melissa & Doug make really great large wooden puzzles that will help your kids learn fun shapes! Any type of puzzle will help children exercise their cognitive abilities, so take your pick!

Baby Piano

  1. Musical Instrument: This one is dealer’s choice. There are a lot of fun drum sets, xylophones and mini pianos (just to name a few), but experimenting with music is a great developmental tool and will help your child get their creative juices flowing. Here's a link to a cute piano that will look good in the bedroom or playroom.

Toddler Wooden Activity Center

  1. Wood Activity Center: This one can take up a little bit of space, but there’s a reason why you see it in all pre-schools, daycares, and elementary schools. The hidden beads, slides, and animals usually keep kids entertained for a good chunk of time and also lets them explore something new! Here's a link to one from Amazon.