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First Words You Should Teach Your Baby

These Are The First Words You Should Teach Your Baby

There’s nothing cuter than a baby blabbing and learning their first words. And as much as we would love their first word to be “mama,” we’re going to have to accept that “dada” is just easier for them to say. But what about word #2 or #3 or so on? 

We tend to try to teach our babies easy words we think they can handle next like, car or ball, but some of these words really serve no purpose at first. Teaching them functional words is actually easier for both of you--because it helps your child communicate with you.

Functional words are words that your baby can use to express what they need before they fully start talking. Some great examples are “UP” or “More.” Animals, colors, and numbers are great, but they’re not necessary to communicate needs. 

When babies learn functional words that can help them communicate with you better, it dramatically reduces the number of toddler meltdowns because some of their frustration is eased by the chance to communicate their needs. 

Some really helpful functional words you can teach your child are: 

  • UP

  • All-Done

  • More

  • Milk

  • Water (sometimes parents use wa-wa first)

  • Cold

  • Hot

  • Look

  • Come

  • Food

  • That (while pointing)

Functional words help motivate your baby to communicate their needs, which will also help build a strong foundation for developing their emotional intelligence. Give it a go and you’ll find saying “more” is just as easy as saying “mama” for them.