Halloween 2020 Social Distancing Ideas

Halloween 2020 Social Distancing Ideas

It's a Covid Halloween - How To Make The Best Of It

2020 is scary enough that we can possibly skip Halloween, but if you have kids, skipping a fun holiday like Halloween is basically impossible. This has been such a crazy year for adults and kids alike, and adjusting to the new normal has been, well, an adjustment. Here are some fun ideas you can do with your kids for Halloween 2020:

Candy hunt in the backyard: 

If your kids enjoy doing an Easter egg hunt in the spring, they’ll definitely enjoy a candy hunt in the Fall, especially if the hunt involves finding chocolate. This is a great to keep the kids busy with minimal parental effort. We got you!

Trick or Treat room to room or door to door outside: 

If your kids really enjoy going from door to door during trick or treating, this is a great option. You can have them knock on different doors inside the house and say ‘trick or treat’ and they get a treat, or if you happen to have a lot of doors that lead out to the backyard, you can have them trick or treat from door to door around your house. Either way, they’ll end up with candy. Lots of candy = happy kids.

Drive by Halloween parade: 

A lot of elementary and primary schools that are mostly operating on zoom are doing this. The concept is easy, you put the kids in the car in their costume and you have a drive by parade. This can be organized with your neighbors or friends. Bonus points for the moms who decorate their car spooky!

Scary movie night at home (in costumes?):

This is a great option for the older kids. You can have a fun, scary movie night at home, maybe even with costumes? 

Make Halloween goodie bags for the neighbors: 

If your kids enjoy crafts, you can also make goodie bags for your neighbors with candy inside. This is a cute way to get them involved with the community. Older toddlers can even add a drawing to make it personal.

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