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Jan 16, 2020

Helpful Gifts for New Moms

Hey Mama, Want a Full Night’s Sleep Again? Buy Now

You Need To Buy New Moms These Helpful Gifts!

Your bestie/sister/colleague just gave birth. Everyone is so excited and they’re showering the baby with love. But how about the new mama? Giving birth has often been compared to being hit by a bus, a small bus, but still, childbirth is not easy, so why not show the new mama some love too?

We asked all our loyal mamas on instagram what gift they would love to receive as a new mom and the answers are not only amazing, they’re totally reasonable and within means. Here are your suggestions for the best gifts for a new mom:


New moms love coffee, moms of toddlers love coffee, moms before they were moms love coffee. In short--everyone loves coffee. One big request you all gave us is gift cards for coffee houses or coffee pods. Because staying up all night with a newborn and still being able to function all day the next day is nearly impossible without a good cup of coffee. 

Target Gift Card: 

When you become a mother, you have a newfound appreciation for Target (not that I didn’t love Target before motherhood, but the love is deeper now!). Target is one of those magical places you can go to to get diapers, wipes, furniture, groceries, wine, toys and even beauty products. And let's face it, it’s nearly impossible to leave the store without spending half of your newborns future college fund, so any form of a Target gift card is much appreciated. 

House Cleaning Services: 

Ain’t nobody got time to clean tubs and toilets when there’s a newborn around. And those dishes are stacking up real quick, aren’t they? You would what would be awesome? House cleaning services. This was high up on your list Mamas, and we totally agree!

Offer to Babysit:

This one is especially helpful if the new mom is now a mom of 2. When you’re second child comes along, it can be hard to make sure you’re giving enough attention to your first born, especially if they’re a toddler. So if you have a new mom in your life who just had their second baby, offer to babysit and/or entertain their first child. That doesn’t mean you have to take them out of the house, sometimes just going over and playing with them makes a big difference. 

Skincare Items: 

Who doesn’t love good skin care products? Face mask? Yes please! New moisturizer? Absolutely! Amazing smelling foot scrub? SIgn me up! This request was a common one with all you mama, because we still want to feel beautiful after just giving birth.

Meal delivery services: 

Give the gift of meals without having to go to the grocery store. A lot of you mamas suggested meal delivery services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh as a gift for the new parents. 

Postmates or Instacart subscription:

I’ll be the first to admit that Instacart has changed my life. Sometimes I just don’t have time to go to the market and with my annual subscription I can get deliveries to my house (usually) within 2 hours. And who doesn’t love postmates? Subscriptions are golden!

Mani/Pedi gift certificate: 

There’s something magical about a fresh mani/pedi. No matter how tired you are, how much lack of sleep has impaired your judgement or how many dishes are piling up, getting a fresh mani/pedi makes you feel like you can take over the world. 

Home Cooked meals:

This one is a good one. When I was in the hospital giving birth to my son, I asked my mother in law to make me her famous lasagna and she happily did. When we got home from the hospital, I took a nice hot shower and sat down to a home cooked meal and I swear it felt like it brought me back to life. You can never go wrong with a home cooked meal.

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