Helpful Tips for Overwhelmed Parents

Helpful Tips for Overwhelmed Parents

How To Survive Parenthood Without Losing It

Parenting is hard enough, add a global pandemic and homeschooling to the mix and you can find yourself burned out real quick. While social distancing, masks, zoom meetings and homeschooling has become the new norm for 2020, there are a few things you can do to avoid burning yourself out. 

Let it Go!

Take a cue from the Frozen song you’ve probably heard 8,500 times already and just “let it go…” Let go of unnecessary tasks that are causing you anxiety. Laundry will still be there tomorrow, the dust bunnies are still gonna be dust bunnies tomorrow and the pantry will still be a mess. It’s ok. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfectly ok to push those tasks for another day without feeling guilty about it. 

Source Out: 

You need to go grocery shopping but you still have 1,001 things on your to-do list for the day. Repeat after me: Source out! Download the instacart app and send a shopper to the grocery store to do all your shopping for you. This one little task off your to-do list can have you a few hours during the day. 

Ask for Help: 

It’s perfectly OK to ask for help when you’re overwhelmed. Grandma and grandpa love spending time with their grandchildren, ask them to come over and entertain the kids for a few hours so you can take care of yourself and whatever it is that’s important that day. 


Your daily list includes: laundry, cooking, work, cleaning, homework help and the list goes on and on. What can wait until tomorrow? Make your list in order of importance and prioritize it. 

Wake up earlier: 

Did we just lose you on this one? Hear us out! Waking up just 15 mins earlier than the rest of the household means you can have a cup of hot coffee all by yourself in complete silence. Sold? Yeah, we thought so!

Remember that your family will only thrive when you’re happy and healthy so don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes. Happy mama = happy family.