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Hospital Bag Checklist: What To Pack In Hospital Bag

You’ve been so preoccupied thinking about the arrival of your little one, you’ve completely forgotten about yourself and your needs. Sound familiar? Welcome to parenthood! Most of your baby’s needs are going to be taken care of when you’re at the hospital, but there are a few things you can pack for yourself to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable Robe and Slippers 

You’re going to be encouraged to walk around a lot, both before and after giving birth, so make sure you have a comfortable robe and slippers for those walks down the maternity aisle. As sexy as the hospital gowns and socks are, you really don’t want to be flashing people from the back when you’re on your recovery walk.

Your Own Underwear

The hospital will provide you with oversized mesh grandma undies, which looks as awful as it sounds. So, make sure to pack some underwear you’re going to be comfortable with — and leave those dainty, pretty thongs at home — think cute granny underwear, if there is such a thing.

Camera and Phone Charger

You’re going to get roughly 10,000 text messages and phone calls congratulating you on the birth of your child, and you’re also going to want to take about 20,000 photos of your newborn, so make sure to pack both a camera and chargers for your phone and said camera.

Birth Plan

If you want certain things done a certain way, you NEED to let the hospital staff know, and the best way to make sure you communicate what you want and need to everyone is by having a birth plan ready.

Going Home Outfit

You’ve been buying your baby new outfits for months, so pick your favorite one (make sure it’s a comfortable one!) and pack it in your bag so they have a cute going home outfit. Don’t forget to pack a fresh, clean, loose, and comfortable outfit for yourself, too!

Snacks and Change

It’s no secret that hospital food is awful. Pack some snacks you and your partner like, and make sure to have some change handy for the vending machine as well.

Lip Moisturizer

 What is it about childbirth that makes your lips so chapped? I must have gone through an entire tube of chapstick in 2 days, and I’m so happy I had it handy! You’ll be happy you packed one (or a few, just in case), too.

Toiletries and Flip Flops

You’ll definitely want to freshen up and shower, so make sure to pack yourself a pair of flip flops to wear while showering and some cleansing towelettes, makeup removers, and body wash.

Nursing Bras

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, make sure to pack a nursing bra!

Extra bag To Bring Home Goodies

You’re going to have a lot of visitors, and you bet your new-mom ass they’re going to bring presents. Pack a foldable tote bag (canvas grocery bags that easily fold are best) to bring home the presents. Some hospital staff members are nice enough to give you extra pacifiers and diapers to bring home as well; make sure you have room for those golden gifts, too!

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