How To Properly Swaddle Your Baby

How To Properly Swaddle Your Baby

How To Swaddle Your Baby Using The Snugababe Swaddle

While multiple studies have shown the importance of swaddling babies, doing it properly can be a huge challenge. Our patent-pending swaddle design will keep your baby cozy, comfortable, and safe all night while taking the guesswork out of how to swaddle correctly every time — even in the middle of the night, when you’re bleary-eyed and exhausted! Check out our helpful guide below to swaddle your child properly every single time using the Snugababe Swaddle.

Step 1:

Place baby on their back on top of the swaddle with their head and neck on top of the fold. Gently insert baby’s arms inside arm inserts.

How to swaddle a baby step 1 

Step 2:

Fold over left side of the swaddle over the baby’s chest and gently tuck it under the baby’s body, creating a cozy fit.

how to swaddle a baby step 2 

Step 3:

Fold over any excess fabric from the bottom of the swaddle and tuck it under the right shoulder or by the chest. Remember: arms tight, hips loose.

how to swaddle a baby step 3 

Step 4:

Bring the loose right corner and pull it snuggly, wrapping it behind the baby and secure it to the Velcro towards the left shoulder. Place baby on their back to sleep.

 how to swaddle a baby step 4


*Note: Baby can also be swaddled with one arm inserted or without arms wrapped.


The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) advises that once your baby is 2-3 months, you can start swaddling them with one arm out. If they get really fussy from having an arm out, it’s ok to keep swaddling them with both arms for a few more weeks until they learn to adjust. It helps to start the transition during naps, then work your way to the nighttime sleep routine.
After approximately 4 months, some doctors will recommend you stop swaddling your baby, so have a chat with your pediatrician before you stop swaddling. If you want to start the transition of swaddling with one arm, check out the helpful Alternative Wrapping Methods guide below.

Alternative Wrapping Methods*

Swaddling With One Arm: 

Use same instructions as above, but leave one arm out, and continue the same method, wrapping them under the free arm.

Swaddling Without Arms: 

If you prefer to keep your baby’s arms unswaddled, use the same method as above but leave the arms out and start wrapping from chest down. Their body should still be tightly wrapped with their hips loose, creating a comfortable, cozy fit.