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Mar 09, 2021

Introducing the Norani Crib Sheets & Changing Pad Covers

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They’re finally here! We’re so thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Norani family--our crib sheets and changing pad covers. Just like any baby, the process of it’s arrival felt very much like a birth. We started the planning, designing and preparation for it’s arrival over 9 months ago, and we’re thrilled to announce they’re finally here with us. 

So what makes our product different?

Our crib sheets and changing pad covers are made from 95% GOTS organic cotton, and 5% spandex to help give it a little stretch for your baby’s crib and changing pads. 

We went to great lengths to source the softest organic cotton and had all our products third party tested to make sure there are no harsh chemicals near your precious little one. And the best part is, you can keep washing it and it’ll just keep getting softer!

Our one-of-a-kind patterns compliment any nursery and are sure to become your new staple. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to snuggle with your little ones. 

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