IVF Questions Answered: All You Need To Know Before IVF

IVF Questions Answered: All You Need To Know Before IVF

Frequently Asked Questions About IVF Answered

IVF can be such a difficult journey to go through, especially if you don’t know anyone who has gone through something similar and if you’re just starting your journey and you have no idea what to expect. Having gone through multiple rounds of IVF ourselves, we’re here to help clear up any confusion and questions you may have. We asked you on instagram and here’s what you wanted to know

Which doctor did you go to?

Nora went to Dr. Robert Boostanfar atHRC Fertility 

Ani went to Dr. Andy Huang atReproductive Partners 

It’s important to have a good relationship with your doctor. A doctor having good bedside manner is really important when it comes to fertility because it's an emotional process aside from the physical impact it has on your body.  We both had started our journeys with a different doctor and changed early on because we just didn’t feel like it was the right fit. When Nora changed to Dr. Boostanfar and Ani changed to Dr. Huang, we were finally successful!

What did you do to prepare for your transfer?

We both did fertility acupuncture, we changed our diets(check Mediterranean diet for fertility), we did every test available, including the painful “scratch test”. You name it, we did it! Talk to your doctor about what they think will be beneficial for you. 

Did you do PGS testing?

If you’re unfamiliar, PGS is an acronym for preimplantation genetic screening. This tests the chromosomes of embryos created by IVF for any abnormalities. Ani did PGS and implanted only the ones that passed the screening. Nora didn’t do PGS because she did “fresh transfers,” not frozen ones. If you’ve had miscarriages after conceiving naturally, ask your doctor if PGS would be helpful for you. 

Why did you have to do IVF?

We both tried naturally for years to get pregnant and couldn’t, so we turned to fertility treatments which eventually led to IVF to finally become mothers. 

How long did you try naturally before turning to IVF?

We both tried for 1 year, but we were already in our mid 30’s. If you’re under 30 years old, they say to try for one year before you turn to other options, over 30, consult with your doctor to see what they suggest. 

How old is too old?

Honestly, there’s no right answer here. You have to get tested to see what your egg reserve is and what your doctor recommends. There's people that get pregnant naturally at 40 and there's people who can't get pregnant at 30 so you can't put an age limit on it. 

Did you notice PPD was worse after IVF?

Luckily we both didn’t have postpartum depression, but with IVF medications, your hormones can certainly make you feel different. If you’re struggling with PPD, talk to your doctor about your options, you shouldn’t suffer, there’s helpful options available. 

How to stay positive during the IVF cycle?

Having friends to talk to about it really helps. When we say "friends" it doesn't necessarily means your friends. If you feel like your friends can't or don't relate find a group on Facebook. We've talked to hundreds of people through their process so you can always reach out to us on Instagram. As long as you are talking to someone even if it's a complete stranger it will help you in your process.  Some people also find comfort in yoga, pilates or acupuncture. Find whatever makes you happy and do it!

How many transfers were a success?

2 transfers for both of us, Nora has 2 daughters and Ani has a son and a daughter. Nora had to do IVF about 7 times before her family was complete and Ani did IVF twice before her family was complete.

How do you stay sane?

You don’t. Lol. IVF is a hard journey, you need to find what brings you peace and try to find your happy and calm place. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. Talking about it really helps because your mind is on it 24/7 and if you're not talking about it you are keeping a lot of feelings bottled up which is not healthy for you or your process.

If you’re going through IVF and don’t have anyone to talk to, you can always reach out to us and we’ll happily be an ear to talk to. Sending all you amazing women out there so much love!


Nora & Ani

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