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Newborn Sleep Positions

Infant Sleep Position: Why Back is Best

When it comes to your baby’s sleep positions, there are so many myths. When we were babies our parents thought it was best to put us on our belly to sleep, but the American Academy of Pediatrics warns of the dangers of putting a newborn to sleep on their tummy. So what is the correct way? It’s easy: Back is Best!

Back is the safest position for your infant. Placing them on their back to sleep dramatically decreases the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The reason the AAP doesn’t recommend putting an infant on their stomach to sleep is because it can restrict oxygen flow. 

There are some pediatricians who believe side sleeping is also safe, but the AAP believes side sleeping can also pose a safety risk. Placing an infant on their side to sleep poses a risk because they can easily roll onto their stomach-the position with the highest SIDs risk. 

The chances of SIDS are higher within the first 6 months, which is when pediatricians absolutely believe the baby should be placed on their backs. Around the five month mark babies arms and neck muscles are really starting to develop and you may find that your baby can turn on to their belly. If your baby is able to roll from their back to their stomach, and back again, it’s safe to leave them on their belly if you find them sleeping that way. But again, when you place your baby in the crib, Back is Best!