Outdoor Toys for Kids

Outdoor Toys for Kids

Best Toys To Keep Your Kids Occupied Outdoors

It’s been a long few months with the quarantine and even though businesses are starting to open up across the country, it’s hard to feel safe when there’s still so much uncertainty, especially if you have kids. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space for your kids to play in, here are some of our favorite outdoor activities you can get to keep the kids busy all summer long. 

kids bouncy house

Bouncy House: 

I have to admit I was skeptical about buying a bouncy house because they’re SO.BIG. But guess what, it will provide HOURS of entertainment. I’ve never seen my son so excited about an activity, and STAY excited! There are some really great bouncy houses that also have a small built in pool, which will help during the warm months. And the best part is, once deflated, it doesn’t take up as much space as you think! Tip: make sure to buy one that comes with an inflating machine, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. Here are some of our favorites from amazon

outdoor playhouse

Outdoor Playhouse: 

Kids love to play make believe, and this little playhouse from step2 is one of our favorites. It has a working doorbell, windows and a small door. There’s just enough room in there to put a small folding chair and hold some of their favorite toys. We love this Step2 one from amazon, but there are a lot of other options depending on your price range. 

Waterpark table for kids

Waterpark Table:

This is another great entertaining piece, and you can’t beat the price on it. This little tikes waterpark will entertain the kiddos for hours, and it’s perfect for really hot days because it allows them to cool down without a pool. Bonus: It’s great for motor skills too. We love this one from Little Tikes on amazon

Car Ramp For Toddlers

Car Ramp: 

My son got this one as a gift and he LOVES it. It’s a rollercoaster-like ramp you set up and it comes with a car that fits perfectly on it. You need a long space (minimum 10 feet) to set it up, but once you’re done with it, it all folds into the base for easy storage. Tip: set it up on grass so if they happen to tip over at the tail end, the fall isn’t that bad. Get it on amazon here`.

Kids Picnic Table

Picnic Table: 

Kids love being outside, and the vitamin D is so great for them, so why not let them have their snacks or lunch outdoors too? This cute little picnic table comes with an umbrella so it’ll give them plenty of shade while they eat, and it’s super durable and easy to clean. Totally mom approved! Get it on amazon here

wiggle race car

Wiggle Race Car: 

Your kid is either going to love this or not even bother with it, but it’s worth the mention. It’s a small car that doesn’t have any pedals, gears or batteries. You simply put your feet up towards the front by the steering wheel and the car is propelled forward. Makes a great gift too! Get it on amazon here