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Sample Daily Schedule for Kids on Break or Quarantine

Whether you’re on quarantine from the mega Covid-19 virus, stuck indoors because of the rain, or your kids are home from school, staying on track and making sure your kids have enough activities to do can be rough.

It’s easy to overdo it on screen time because entertaining kids for 12 hours straight can be so hard, but have no fear, we have a sample schedule you can follow to make sure everyone is happy and fulfilled. 

Before 9AM:

Wake Up - Wake up, make your bed, have breakfast, get dressed for the day. 


Morning walk - Go on a family walk (if weather permits), getting some fresh air in early in the morning will help set the mood for the entire day. 


Academic Time - Screens stay off. This is a good time to have fun with flash cards, books and learning toys. 


Creative Time - Get out the paint, crayons, legos, arts and crafts, or anything else your child is into. This is a fun time to get creative and use your imagination. 




Nap Time for Toddler, or Quiet Time for Older Kids - If your toddlers are still taking a midday nap (lucky you!), this is the perfect time for them to unwind and get some rest. If you have older kids, this is the time they can read or do puzzles. Any activity that can be done in silence is encouraged. 


Academic Time - Screen time is ok during this time, it’s helpful if you can get them to watch something educational instead of Paw Patrol, but hey, we’re all just trying to survive at this point in the day. 


Afternoon Walk - Get the whole family outside and take another small walk. The fresh air is much needed after being indoors all day long. 


Dinner Time


Free Time - You can choose to do whatever you want with the kids during this time, screen time, legos, creative stuff, anything goes. 


Bath Time


Bed Time

Congrats, you survived an entire day under quarantine! Let’s do this again tomorrow. 

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