The Ultimate Toy Rotation Guide

The Ultimate Toy Rotation Guide

It’s no secret that kids get tired of toys quickly. One minute the red fire truck is their all-time favorite toy, the next minute they want nothing to do with it and just want whatever their sibling is playing with. As a parent you want to keep your kids happy and buy them fun, educational toys to play with, but if you constantly find yourself getting annoyed by their lack of attention for a toy, it’s time to pull off the classic mom-toy-rotation-scheme. 

So what exactly is a toy rotation? 

Toy rotation is when you place toys you feel your kids are getting bored of in a bin and store it away. Bring it back around 3-4 weeks later and you’ll see just how excited they are to see the toy (sometimes they’ll forget they had it in the first place and think it’s a new toy! Jackpot!)

Why toy rotation is so important: 

As toys are re-introduced, new learning opportunities are created. Maybe your child didn’t care about that alphabet train last month, but this month, they decided that B is their new favorite word--and guess where that B is now? On that alphabet train you did a genius rotation on. 

Another reason why toy rotation is a great idea is because kids can get overwhelmed when they have too many options for toys. Oftentimes the shiniest, loudest or newest toy will win over their attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best toy for their growing brains right now. 

And the last reason why it’s so important? Less clutter! The more you rotate, the less toys are laying around being ignored. 

Helpful Tips:

Don’t forget to add books to the toy rotation bins, sometimes kids get tired of seeing a book but once it’s gone, it’s all they think about (or ask about). 

Don’t immediately donate or toss a toy that seems “too boring”. The more basic the toy, the more it stimulates their imagination. 

If they still ignore a toy after two rotations, it’s time to donate the toy. 

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