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Nov 25, 2020

Tummy Time Alternatives for Babies Who Hate Tummy Time

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Different Ways To Introduce Tummy Time!

Babies hate tummy time. They cry, they’ll fuss, they’ll yell at you. But it’s such an important tool to help them build up their neck muscles that it’s absolutely necessary to do it on a daily basis as soon as they come home.

If your baby screams bloody murder when you try to do tummy time, here are some alternatives you can do to help them build up their muscles with minimal fuss: 


This is a fun, cute way to trick your baby into doing tummy time with less fuss. You hold your baby in your arms with their arms holded in the tummy time position on your arms and you support their tummy and legs with your other arm. Basically, they look like a little flying superbaby. They’ll be excited to be able to see what’s going on around them as you slowly walk around in the super baby position. They’ll be so busy exploring, they won’t even realize you’re making them exercise. If you’re still confused about the position, here’s a quick video showing you how to hold your baby.

Use a wedge or a towel:

Using a small wedge (something like this), or a rolled up towel can help your baby feel a little supported when they’re doing tummy time. The extra support will help them do tummy time for longer periods. Bonus: you can have them in this position in front of a mirror because babies love to look at themselves in the mirror-- and we can’t blame them, they’re super cute.

Use a tummy time pad: 

There are a lot of fun options of pads you can invest in to help your baby do tummy time longer. This one looks like an aquarium that you add water to and it’ll keep them busy long enough for each tummy time session.

Tummy Time on your chest:

One way to get your baby to do tummy time is to have them lay on your chest so they can look at mommy’s beautiful face. And trust us, nothing will make your baby happier than being that close to you. It’s also a great way to connect with your baby.

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