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Dec 16, 2019

Best Holiday Toys For Toddler Girls - Gift Guide

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A gift guide for the toddler girl

Do you have a gift to buy for a toddler girl from age 2-4? We got you covered! If you go with any of the gifts we discuss in this gift guide, we guarantee you will be a favorite. If you are shopping for a boy from ages 2-4 make sure to check out our gift guide for boys.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Beauty Salon Play Set

for the beauty lover:

It’s crazy how the love for beauty starts at such a young age. When little girls are a little under 2 years old they some start showing interest in makeup and hair. They’ve probably seen their moms apply makeup and do their hair so they love mimicking their idols….their mamas. The Melissa & Doug one is great! It’s made from wood and has all they will need without the mess of actual makeup.

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Doll Play Set

for the nurturer:

It’s around this age little girls start showing interest in dolls. Their imagination goes while with their own “baby doll” and a great gift is this doll accessories set. This is also great if they have a sibling on the way. It gives them sense of responsibility by caring for their doll.

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Melissa & Doug Art Easel

for the artsy kid:

This one is actually a universal gift for both girls and boys because kids between the ages 2-4 love exploring using crayons, paint, magnets. There are several different kinds of easels we like. Our top two favorite are the Melissa & Doug one and if you’re on a budget the IKEA one is amazing as well.

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Toddler Riding Tricycle

for the sporty girl:

You can’t go wrong with a bike. They’ve probably seen older kids with bikes, so they are gong the love feeling like one with a starter tricycle. You can also get a cute helmet that’ll complete their sporty look.

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Wooden Veggie Set

for the chef in training:

If you have a big budget we recommend getting a kitchen set because both boys and girls love doing pretend play in their own kitchen mimicking their parents. If you’re on budget we recommend this wooden veggie set. This is a great toy to use in the kitchen while you are cooking. You can encourage them to cut their veggies and fruits while you are chopping as well.

Check out our Amazon page with links to all the products we mentioned in the gift guide.


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